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Visa Platinum Credit Card


Visa Platinum Credit Card Features.

  • FREE Balance Transfers. Most card issuers charge a balance transfer fee. Either a fixed dollar amount, a percentage of the transaction, or whichever is greater of the two amounts. Balance transfers to Buffalo Metropolitan’s Visa Platinum credit card are FREE. Move your higher interest credit card balances over. Simply use a credit card check to easily transfer a balance to your Visa Platinum. A credit card check is available at the bottom of every credit card statement. Or provide us with a current credit card statement of that card and we'll do the rest.
  • Same Rate for Cash Advances. For many this is a who knew moment. With your Buffalo Metropolitan Visa Platinum you can get cash when you need it with the same low rate as purchases.
  • Who Needs Fees. That's right, no cash advance fee AND no annual fee. The profits we make come back to you to keep your fees and rates lower. Click here for Visa Platinum credit card rates.
  • Protected. Our Platinum credit cards are monitored by Visa which means they oversee transactions so if anything appears out of the norm of your spending habits, they will call and confirm that it was really you making the purchase.
  • Zero liability. With Visa's Zero Liability policy, your liability for unauthorized transactions is $0-you pay nothing. Does not apply to ATM transaction, or PIN transactions not processed by Visa.

View Purchases & Make Payments Online.

View your transactions online and gain increased financial control without having to sort through old receipts. In addition, online payments are applied quicker, thereby making your available limit accessible earlier than if you were to make a payment at the Credit Union or by mail.

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Paperless Credit Card Statements.

Good for the environment. Easy for you. View your credit card statement online-anytime, anywhere. Increase financial control, receive faster statement delivery, and reduce the risk of fraud. Simple log into your Visa Platinum online account; select Make a Visa Payment, select Statements, & register for estatements by changing delivery option and selecting I agree.


Consolidate High-Interest Credit Card Debt.

Think of how much money you can save by consolidating high-interest debt to your new low-rate card. While other card issuers charge a balance transfer fee, either a fixed dollar amount, a percentage of the transaction, or whichever is greater of the two amounts, Buffalo Metropolitan's balance transfer is always FREE. It is another valuable benefit that will make this credit card your card of choice


The Only Card You'll Ever Need.

You'll experience the same friendly, efficient service that you've come to expect from Buffalo Metropolitan. Members like you are our most valuable asset and we look forward to providing the level of personal service that few financial institutions can provide.

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Credit Union Membership.

You must open a savings account in order to have any other product or service (ex: loan) at Buffalo Metropolitan Federal Credit Union; find out more about Credit Union membership.


Online Gambling.

Please be advised that you may not use any Buffalo Metropolitan Federal Credit Union card to initiate any type of electronic gambling transaction through the Internet.


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