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Holiday Loan

You work hard all year long to make ends meet, but when the holidays come around you may find that you don't have the money to do things for the people you care about. A holiday loan from Buffalo Metropolitan gives you access to a line-of-credit throughout the holidays and into the New Year.

In addition, a holiday loan with a single, low monthly payment offers a simple, money-saving alternative to using high interest credit cards.

You can apply for a holiday loan October 15 through January 31. Plus, we offer online pre-approvals—that means your holidays don’t have to be put on hold!

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Holiday Loan Cash Advances.

Not only does the holiday line-of-credit provide an affordable way to obtain funds for those special holiday purchases and expenses, they also offer convenient access options. You can transfer money from your holiday line-of-credit to your savings and/or checking using free online banking. Advances on your holiday line-of-credit may be made October 15 through January 31.

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