About Buffalo Metropolitan


Buffalo Metropolitan Federal Credit Union (BMFCU) is a credit union that’s always willing to help find a way for your family to save money and go beyond a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle.

We’re not a bank, which means you are an owner of the credit union when you open a savings account. It also means our Board is made up of volunteers who don’t profit from their leadership positions.

Instead, any income is redistributed to you through higher savings rates, lower loan rates and better services!

Founded in 1937, BMFCU has had more than 85 years of experience helping local families. And over that time, our commitment to the credit union’s mission hasn’t wavered. As always, the credit union is still here to provide personalized financial services which are reasonably priced, competitive and of the highest availability to our members.

Hit the trail with us and get the banking you deserve. Open a savings account to get started.

The original founders at our ground breaking.

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