Checking Accounts

Control and use your money with no hassle and no fees…each and every day.

Your checking account is a good place to deposit your family’s hard-earned paychecks and then use (or draft) the money for whatever you need or want. Better yet, it has no fees and no minimum deposit. You’re free to roam wherever your financial dreams take you!

Your checking account also has these additional benefits

Direct Deposit

Receive your paycheck, pension and more right into your account.

  • Skip the branch trip
  • Save gas and money
  • Get faster access to your deposits

Mastercard Debit Card

Shop faster and cleaner with your debit card.

  • Tap-to-pay debit card for modern checkouts
  • Access your money easily and reliably
  • No surprises when in the checkout line

Access 85,000 ATMs

Never pay ATM fees again!

  • More than 85,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide
  • The CO-OP and Allpoint ATM networks help you avoid spending extra money
  • More ATMS than the biggest banks

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Overdraft Protection

Get fair overdraft protection.

  • Only pay the overdrawn amount (and no more)
  • Other institutions charge you an extra fee on top of your overdrawn amount
  • BMFCU won’t charge you extra fees

Save the Change

Save without even thinking about it.

  • Every debit card transaction rounds up to the next dollar
  • The difference goes to your savings account
  • So, a $4.50 purchase rounds up to $5 and $0.50 goes to your savings
  • Enroll today by calling 716.847.6960, option 8

Student Checking Account

Add a course in cash to your college experience.

  • For any student under 24 and enrolled at least part time (nine credit hours)
  • Waived debit card fee
  • Use any ATM for free
  • Automatically becomes normal checking account later

Mobile Banking

Blaze your financial trail from the palm of your hand.

  • View account summaries
  • Transfer money to loans
  • Deposit checks by phone
  • Download the app from:


Forms & Checks

Finding a new way with us? Or just need more checks? Start here.

  • Automatic Payment Change forms help organizations take funds from your new account
  • Funds Transfer Authorization move funds from your old account to the new one
  • Order more checks when if you need them

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