National Income

Life Insurance Company (NILCO)

You won’t have enough to cover every financial situation. That’s where insurance lends a helping hand, and TruStage is insurance specially tailored for credit union members.*

National Income Life Insurance Company (NILCO)

No one wants to think about life’s most difficult moments, but you want to protect your family when those hard times arrive. NILICO helps you do that, and they specialize in helping working families find the best life insurance options. You’ll get guidance on the type of coverage, right amount of coverage and what will work with your budget.*

Make hard times a little easier for those you love. Learn more online or by contacting NILICO Representative James T. Tasker at or 585.943-8385.

*The products offered:

  • Are not federally insured
  • Are not obligations of the Credit Union
  • Are not guaranteed by the Credit Union
  • Involve investment risk

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