Personal Loans

Whatever way you go, whatever trail you choose…personal loans give you a way to get there.

Personal Loans

Personal loans provide money to cover a family vacation, help to pay off medical bills, a pathway to much needed home repairs or funding for whatever else you need.

You get these amazing benefits with your personal loan:

  • Cover your most important costs with up to $15,000
  • Ditch the stress of fast paybacks with up to a five-year term
  • Calmly face the unexpected by applying for additions to the loan at anytime

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Debt Consolidation

You can also use a personal loan to make your family’s debt easier to manage. Known as consolidation, you can use loan funds to pay off other debts. Then, you’ll only have the one personal loan to repay.

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Share Secured Loans

Secure your future with our saving secure loan. Build your savings while accessing the funds you need for your financial goals. You may want to consider using your shares (savings account) as collateral on a loan. You will be charged a reduced interest rate on the loan and still receive dividends on the monies in your share account.

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Treat Yourself Loan

Indulge in self-care with our treat yourself loan. Take a break and pamper yourself with the funds you need for a well-deserved treat. Boost your happiness, health, and wellbeing with a Treat Yourself Loan. Purchase a backyard oasis, athletic/outdoor/recreational equipment, or splurge on a vacation – whatever you want to treat yourself to

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