Savings Accounts

If you have a long-term want, need or just want a bit extra to afford emergency costs – start here.

Your savings account is the trailhead of your financial journey, and opening an account gives you a piece of ownership (a share) at the credit union. That means you get access to all the best loan rates and banking that returns money to you. There are savings options for the whole family:

Savings Account

Your simple and easy account to kickstart saving.

  • Open it with a $25 deposit
  • Build an emergency fund or save for a goal
  • Access great loan rates and other benefits

Holiday Club Account

Trample holiday debt and stress when you start saving now.

  • Automatically transfers money from your paycheck
  • Prevents withdrawals
  • Transfers money at the end of October for holiday spending

Safari Saving Club

Your kids are never too young to start saving!

  • Open with $5 for kids under 14
  • Teaches youngsters saving is fun and rewarding
  • Gives birthday cards, access to contests and $5 for yearly good grades

Teen Cents Savings Account

Empower your teen to blaze a financial trail.

  • For teens under 19
  • Gives teens practice saving money
  • Lets teens start using a checking account as well

Organization Accounts

Are you a Buffalo organization needing a spot to park (and grow) your money? You can open a savings account too!

  • Typically used by religious schools, sports teams or fundraisers.
  • Select authorized representatives and show us your tax identification number
  • Start receiving dividends on $1,000 balances
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