Make A Payment

There are many paths to making a payment and paying down your loan.

Make A Payment

Choose the one right for you and your family from the options below:

Online Payment Transfer from Your BMFCU Account to Your Loan

To make a loan payment with funds from your credit union account (savings, checking, etc.), simply transfer the funds using your online or mobile banking. Learn more about free online banking and free mobile banking.

Use Any Debit or Credit Card to Make an Online Loan Payment
Visit our online payment center to make a one-time credit union loan payment with a debit or credit card. There is a $10.00 convenience fee to use this service.
Ongoing Monthly Loan Payment via Payroll Deduction
You can have your payments automatically deducted from your payroll and applied to your credit union loan. Complete the Payroll Deduction Request Form.
Another Financial Institution’s Bill Payment Website

Set up preauthorized monthly payments from your savings or checking account at another financial institution to your credit union loan. Contact that financial institution for further eligibility and instructions. You will need your credit union account number, the loan suffix and the credit union’s routing number (222079424). Make bill payment even easier by opening a credit union checking account and transferring money from there to your loan, all in online banking!

In Person at a Credit Union Branch
A shared branch is a credit union branch equipped to accept transactions from members of other credit unions. You can make deposits, withdrawals, transfers, loan payments and balance inquires at over 5,139 shared credit union branches! Withdrawal limits are set by the shared branch.
By Mail

Mail loan payments to:
Buffalo Metropolitan Federal Credit Union
62 S. Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14202

Contact us by email or calling 716.847.6960 for additional information about these options.

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