Share Certficiates

You are doing so well…then something comes up and you need to dip into savings. A share certificate removes the temptation to raid the savings fund while growing your family’s money at the same time.

Share Certificates

This savings method restricts withdrawals, but it grows your earnings faster than a normal savings account. Deposit a minimum of $500 in a certificate for a term ranging from six to sixty months and watch it increase over time.

Are you ready for temptation-free savings? Check out the rates below and open a share certificate today!


Minimum deposit of $500.00

Dividends paid at maturity. Annual Percentage Yield effective 3/31/2024If funds are withdrawn from any Share Certificate account prior to maturity of the current term of the account, a substantial penalty will be imposed.

TermDividend RateAPY
6 Months3.00%3.02%
12 Months (One Year)4.00%4.00%
18 Months4.10%4.06%
24 Months (Two Years)3.75%3.68%
36 Months (Three Years)3.50%3.38%
48 Months (Four Years)3.25%3.10%
60 Months (Five Years)3.00%2.84%

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