Bill Pay

There are many paths to making a payment and paying down your loan.

Online Bill Pay

Skip the hassle of writing checks and buying stamps! Enroll in our FREE Online Bill Pay, and enjoy an easier way to pay bills; view Bill Pay demo.

Convenience & Simplicity.
  • Organize recurring and one-time payments
  • Pay bills via Mobile Banking (users must have Bill Pay set-up through online banking to access Bill Pay via mobile banking)
  • Transfer to transfer account capability; transfer money from your Credit Union checking to another banking account
  • Multiple Buffalo Metropolitan checking accounts linked to one bill pay account
  • Calendar feature to assist you in identifying the earliest available payment date


Security Is Our Top Priority.

When you pay bills online, you are cutting off thieves’ access to important documents such as your checking account number, which they need to commit identity theft. Online Bill Pay utilizes state-of-the-art technology. You are protected by a secure SSL/128-bit encryption, and a solid level of Internet security protection, so you can manage your bills with confidence.


You will use your current user ID and password to log into online banking. Once logged into online banking, select Bill Pay from the menu (listed under services). Note payees must be set up on a desktop computer before making payments through Buffalo Metropolitan’s mobile app.

Call 716.847.6960 if you do not already have a user ID and password for FREE online banking.

Processing of Payments

Payments through Online Bill Pay are processed in two ways, electronically and by check. Most payments are delivered electronically. Payments sent electronically will be deducted on the process date that you specify when you schedule your payment. The system will tell you what approximate date your payment will get to the payee when selecting the process date.

Funds for payments processed by check will be withdrawn from your checking account immediately. Payments processed by check through Online Bill Pay are guaranteed funds. A bill pay user no longer has to hold the money >in their checking account until the check clears.

Online Bill Pay users who have been inactive for three months will be deactivated. You can activate your account by calling the Credit Union at 716.847.6960.


Per Payment Limit:  $2,500.00
Daily Total Limit:  $2,500.00
Transfer to Another Bank Account limit:  $2,500.00
Daily Transfer to Another Bank Limit:  $2,500.00
Pay Another Person Limit:  $2,500.00
Daily Pay Another Person Limit:  $2,500.00

Alternative to Wires

Skip the hassles, and paying money from a wire, by setting up a “Transfer Account”.

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