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Savings Accounts (Shares)

Our savings account, often referred to as a share account at credit unions, is a standard savings account that all members are required to open in order to join Buffalo Metropolitan. As a financial cooperative, each member purchases a "share" in the credit union. Your "share" represents your portion of ownership in the cooperative. The first $25.00 in your savings account qualifies you to access our full range of benefits and services and is also a minimum balance requirement.

MMA (Money Market Account).

Earn more money with a MMA (Money Market Account). With our MMA, you earn more than with a savings account and the number of transactions per month is unlimited. There is no set term and dividends are paid quarterly, compounded daily, on accounts with an average daily balance of $2,500.00 or more. ATM card accessibility is available upon request. You can also access your MMA with online banking and audio response. Electronic withdrawals/debits are not available with a MMA.

Holiday Club.

Open a holiday club account at Buffalo Metropolitan and you�ll be prepared for holiday expenses. No minimum balance requirement, no monthly usage fees, and no reason not to start saving today. Make saving for the holidays simple by setting up an amount to be deducted directly from your paycheck.

Withdrawals on this account are restrictive which helps you to save money for the holidays. This restrictive account can also be used to help you save money to apply for a savings (shares) secured loan which can be used to help establish or rebuild credit.

Monies from your holiday club account will be transferred into your checking account by the end of the last business day in October. If you do not have a checking account, monies from your Holiday Club Account will be transferred into your savings account.

Organization Account.

To establish an organization account, the organization itself must qualify for membership at Buffalo Metropolitan. The organization owns the account and authorized signers are appointed by the organizations� responsible parties. Examples of organization accounts include parish or catholic school accounts, sporting teams, or fundraisers.

The organization account is required to provide a letter on the organization's letterhead, if available, stating which individuals in the organization are authorized to have transaction authority on the account. This letter should be signed by the organization's President and/or Secretary. You will also need to bring the document issued by New York State illistrating the organization's Tax Identification Number (TIN) or Employee Identification Number (EIN).

Dividends are paid quarterly on savings and organization accounts with an average daily balance of $1,000.00 or more.

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